Centrifugal Fluid Analyzer (CFA™)

Designed with flexibility in mind, and adhering to the international Open AUC Project standards, the Centrifugal Fluid Analyzer (CFA™) is the next generation of analytical ultra centrifuges. The CFA™ system comprises a base ultracentrifuge (with external vacuum system) and up to three different optical detection systems. The optical detection systems mount outside the CFA's vacuum chamber which eliminates the need for costly custom-built, vacuum-compatible components, allows for a much wider selection of sources/detectors, and improves imaging capabilities and reduces maintenance costs.

The CFA™ platform is designed to allow users to configure optical detection systems for their specific needs. The base centrifuge has an optical interface/positioning plate which can be used to install up to three different optical systems simultaneously. The interface plate can also be used as a “bread-board” to develop new or custom optical systems. Currently, Spin Analytical offers Dual Wavelength Fluorescence (DWF) and Multi-wavelength Absorbance (MWA) optical systems. The DWF allows two different fluorescently tagged molecules to be monitored simultaneously, and permits fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) methods to be used for demonstrating the close proximity of co-sedimenting molecules. The MWA optics add a second orthogonal dimension to the experimental data, permitting the separation of components by their absorbance spectrum in addition to their sedimentation coefficients. Other types of detection systems are planned for the future including Rayleigh and schlieren refractive optics, low-angle light scattering and multi-angle light scattering.

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