Cell Components

Spin Analytical manufactures a complete set of components used in AUC cell assemblies. All of our components are compatible with Beckman-Coulter AUC cell components. Our cell components can be purchased individually or as complete kits.

Cell Housings

2-hole SACC003 $500
4-hole SACC022 $600
6-hole SACC024 $600
FDS SACC003-FDS $500

Other Cell Components

Standard Window Holder SACC005 $250
Interference Window Holder Set SACC015 $750
Screw Ring SACC004 $200
Fill Hole Screws, 6/pk SACC011 $60
Quartz Window SACC013 $550
Sapphire Window SACC014 $750


Screw Ring Gasket, 5/pk SACC008 $25
Window Gasket, 25/pk SACC009 $50
Window Liner, 25/pk SACC010 $50
Fill Hole Gasket (PTFE), 100/pk SACC012 $25
Fill Hole Gasket (Neoprene), 100/pk SACC012NEO $25

Cell Housing Kits (Without Centerpiece)

2-hole with Quartz Windows SACC001Q $1600
2-hole with Sapphire Windows SACC001S $1800
2-hole without Windows SACC002 $1000
6-hole without Windows SACC023 $1500
FDS without Windows SACC023-FDS $1500

AUC Cell Assembly Instructions