Fluorescence Detection System (FDS)

The Fluorescence Detection System (FDS) accessory for the XL-A/XL-I is sold by Aviv Biomedical. Standard centerpieces (Spin60 & Spin50) can be used with the FDS optics. However, if you want a lower sample volume, you can use our FDS centerpieces. The FDS centerpieces are 3mm Spin60 centerpieces which are used with a spacer ring to raise the top surface of the centerpiece to the same height as the FDS calibration centerpiece. Because the calibration centerpiece determines the height of focus of the FDS optics, standard 3mm centerpieces can not be used with the FDS. FDS centerpieces require only 80 uL, ¼ of the fill volume of standard Spin60 centerpieces.

Because the FDS centerpiece is raised, its fill-holes are too high up to be used with a standard cell housing. FDS centerpieces must be used with our FDS cell housings (SACC003-FDS).

Parts and Pricing

Product Description Path Length Part# Price
FDS Centerpiece 3mm SACP103 $1200
FDS Centerpiece kit with aluminum spacer 3mm SACP103-FDS $1440