Synthetic Boundary

Unlike Band Forming centerpieces, Synthetic Boundary centerpieces have very small capillary channels for transferring fluid from the reference (left) to the sample (right) channel. These tiny channels ensure that the fluid transfer is very slow. This gentle transfer, which occurs at higher velocities, avoids disturbing the boundary between the two fluids and produces a sharply defined boundary.

Some applications for Synthetic Boundary Centerpieces are:

Parts and Pricing

Product Description Path Length Part# Price
Spin50-SB 12mm SACP206 $1440
Spin60-SB 12mm SACP106 $1440

Loading Procedure:

  1. Assemble the cell assembly.
  2. Fill the sample channel (right side) with 150-160 uL (200-210 uL for Spin50)
  3. Fill the reference channel (left side) with 350 uL (Spin60) or 425 uL (Spin50)
  4. Install fill hole gaskets and fill-hole screws.