MCE Accessories

MCE Components & Accessories

Product Description Part # Price
(4) Drip Chamber replacement kit with fittings SAMCE012 $135.00
Tubing replacement kit (includes pump tubing) SAMCE011 $75.00
Optical Filter Cartridge
(available wavelengths: 220nm, 232nm, 254nm, 280nm, 297nm, 488nm, 532nm)
Precision Narrow band width filter (+/- 1.5 nm ) SAMCE016 $3000.00
pH and conductivity kit
*installation cost priced separately
SAMCE014 $5000.00

MCE Cell Assembly Components & Accessories

Product Description Part # Price
Complete cell assembly includes: quartz cuvette, cuvette holder, buffer chambers (top and bottom), buffer clamps, screws SAMCE002 $5000.00
Quartz cuvette SAMCE010 $2000.00
Top buffer chamber (white) SAMCE004 $1000.00
Bottom buffer chamber (black) SAMCE005 $1000.00
Platinum Electrode cap replacement
*requires servicing
SAMCE007 $500.00
PEEK buffer plugs SAMCE006 $50.00 for 2
Cell assembly housing, includes clamps, holder, hex screws, long screws SAMCE003 $1000.00
Cell assembly holder/jig SAMCE017 $100.00
Tool kit, includes 3 screwdrivers, tweezers, syringe SAMCE009 $500.00
Membranes SAMCE008 $50.00 for 20
Training SAMCE015 Call for pricing