MCE™ Software

The MCE™ software consists of two applications, one for data acquisition and one for data analysis.


MCE™ Control Software

The MCE™ Operating Software (MCE-OS™):

The MCE™ analysis software (MCE-AS™) runs concurrently with the operating software, or may be run separately, and may be used for both mobility and steady-state data analysis. For mobility, the user simply selects which scans they wish to analyze, and with one click a graph of the electrophoretic mobility distribution is provided. One more click, and the data are presented as either the effective or the Debye-Hückel charge distribution. The resulting graphs may be printed, saved, e-mailed or made part of the experiment report. The analyses may be saved as part of the experiment. For steady state data analysis, software for determining when steady is reached (WinMatch), data editing (WinReedit) and data analysis (WinNonlin) are provided.


MCE™ Analysis Software


Intensity scans from Real-time Electrophoretic mobility (REM)


Graph of Electrophoretic mobility

Link to Software Downloads for MCE™ here.