A Message from Brett

Dear Spin customers and the AUC Community

Unfortunately, due to health issues following a cancer diagnosis I have decided to retire. Spin Analytical has ceased operations and is no longer accepting orders. I am in negotiations to transfer our product line to another company and I hope that Spin Analytical products and services will be available again, from the new company, early in 2024.

I would personally like to thank all of our loyal customers who have supported Spin Analytical through the years and I wish you all success in your future work.

Brett Austin, President
Spin Analytical, Inc.

A message from Nanolytics Instruments

We are happy to announce that we will continue to manufacture, sell, and service Spin Analytical’s product line. Currently, we are transferring the remaining stock to our facility in Potsdam, Germany. All intellectual property, such as the capability to manufacture Spin Analytical products, is being handed to us. Though we will need a few months to set up everything, it will not be long until all products are available from us. You will find them on our website:


Alike Spin Analytical, Nanolytics Instruments is dedicated to the development and enhancement of accessories for Analytical Ultracentrifugation. We have been providing measurement cells with titanium centerpieces, alignment tools, and detectors since 2015, when this business evolved from the application of AUC at Nanolytics, a service lab specialized in AUC since 1999.

We are proud to integrate Spin Analytical’s fine products into our portfolio, and we are greatful for the achievements Brett Austin and Tom Laue have provided to AUC users. We will continue their work and thank Brett for entrusting us with his legacy.

Kristian Schilling
Manager, Nanolytics Instruments GmbH
Potsdam, Germany