Band Forming

Band forming centerpieces are used to layer a small amount of material (15 uL) over the solution to form a thin zone of sample sedimenting into the solvent. Thin zones may be formed in both the sample and reference sides. Typically the material loaded into the channel (which will have material from the circular wells layered into it) is of a slightly higher density to prevent convection when the material is transferred from the band forming wells.

Band forming centerpieces can be ordered with either the Spin50 or Spin60 base geometry but only 12mm path length is available.

Typically higher density solution in channels so that no mixing when layering material over (ie. sucrose).

Applications: precious samples, fluorescence optics, active enzyme sedimentation.

Transfer occurs 3000 rpm – 10,000 rpm.

Parts and Pricing

Product Description Path Length Part#
Spin50-BF 12mm SACP207
Spin60-BF 12mm SACP107

This item is now available from Nanolytics Instruments.

Loading Procedure:

  1. Place window holder assembly into standard 2-chan external loading cellhousing.
  2. Using a pipette load 20 uL of sample into the BF wells at the top of each channel. This material will layer onto the material loaded in the channels.
  3. Insert the top window holder assembly, screw ring gasket and screw ring and torque to the correct setting.
  4. Load Spin60 channels with 265 uL of sample into the channels (335 uL for Spin50). This material should be slightly higher density than the material which will layer on top from the BF wells.
  5. Install fill-hole gaskets and fill-hole screws.